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SpeakUp! 2.3 Adds Pagination to Siganture Lists

Version 2.3 of SpeakUp! Email Petitions is out and brings with it some nice features for signature lists. First, pagination has been added to the [signaturelist] shortcode display, allowing users to page through your petition's complete set of signatures. You'll see the new pagination buttons at the bottom of the signature list tables. In addition, a number of new attributes have been added to the [signaturelist] shortcode to allow for greater customization of the list display. Documentation for the new attributes is below:

Another new feature in 2.3 is the ability to specify the URL that is shared by the Facebook and Twitter buttons on widgets. Previously, the widget buttons would simply share the current page URL. Now you can set up a page for your petition and have the sharing buttons point back to it regardless of on which page the widget appears. If the Sharing URL field is left blank, the current page URL will be used. To make use of a custom sharing URL on existing petitions, simply go to the Appearance -> Wigets page and update your petition widget.

Signaturelist Shortcode Attributes


The ID number of your petition (required). To display a basic signature list, use this format:
[signaturelist id="1"]


The number of signature rows to display in the table. This will override the default value provided on the Settings page. To display 10 rows, use:
[signaturelist id="1" rows="10"]


Format of values in the date column. Use any of the standard PHP date formating characters. Default is 'M d, Y'. A date such as "Sunday October 14, 2012 @ 9:42 am" can be displayed using:
[signaturelist id="1" dateformat="l F d, Y @ g:i a"]


The text that displays in the previous signatures pagination button. Default is <.
[signaturelist id="1" prevbuttontext="previous" nextbuttontext="next"]


The text that displays in the next signatures pagination button. Default is >.
[signaturelist id="1" prevbuttontext="older" nextbuttontext="newer"]


November 1, 2012

Nice plugin for petitions.

One question: Is there any way do disable the Social Media sharing?


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