A plugin for WordPress

SpeakUp! Email Petitions

Promote your cause and inspire community involvement with email petitions targeted at policy makers.


Easily create online petitions

Complete a simple form to generate new email petitions and use the provided shortcodes to place them on any page or post on your WordPress site.

Set signature goals

Decide how many signatures you hope to collect and monitor your petitions with signature counts and goal progress bars in the WordPress admin.

Export to CSV

Signature lists can easily be downloaded in CSV format, perfect for analyzing in any spreadsheet application or for starting an email newsletter list.

Integrate with social media

Site visitors can easily share your petitions with their friends on Facebook and tweet your custom message to their followers on Twitter.

Set expiration dates

Need to collect signatures within a limited time period? No problem—just specify an expiration date and the petition will expire automatically.

Choose an email-free option

Looking to collect signatures, but don't want to send out a bunch of email? Simply turn off email sending and download the signatures later.